Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to Magdalena's Foodies

This blog is published independent of the Magdalena Mouths and is not in any way sponsored by or endorsed by that group.

This is a brand new blog about our mutual passion for all things that have to do with food. We went live on June 11, 2011. Here is  a bit about why we decided to start this blog.

A few of us who live in our tiny mountain village in the high desert of New Mexico, have started getting together (calling ourselves the Magdalena Mouths0 once a month at Danielle's Bear Mountain Coffee Shop and Gallery located at the west end of Magdalena. We have a food gab fest and pot-luck each 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30PM. Our last one was Italian themed, and the next (7/13/11) will feature Asian dishes. No dues or fees and no by-laws or fancy agendas. Just come as you are to the informal monthly get-togethers and bring a dish to share.

One of our reasons for coming together is to talk about ways that we can support and promote local businesses that are about food - our grocery store (Trail's End Market), restaurants (Magdalena Cafe, Golden Spur Grill, a Bear Mountain Coffee House, and others that we expect will soon be added), our growers of food stuffs (like Green Girl a new greenhouse growing organic greens and other veggies, the several home gardeners who market their produce through a seasonal Farmers Market) and the promotion of, and support of, more and varied sources of foods in our Village.

Magdalena's Foodies hopes to provide a forum for the sharing of ideas about the "how-to" of food preparation, wholesome home bread baking, and whatever else you choose to share about, like cheese making, home brews and wines, canning and preserving and whatever else you care about and are willing to share with others. All are invited to post here, not just those of us who live here.

This is certainly a work in progress, and we encourage your criticism and ideas about how to make it a better blog and one you will use as a frequent resource for your kitchen.

We'll start off with a few posts about some of our recipes and menu ideas, and invite you to share anything at all that you are interested in about food and its accompaniments.


  1. Please check out the Archives on the right side and click on them to go to other posts.


  2. This looks like fun. I'll put you on my blog reader so I won't miss. I grew up in Magdalena.

  3. Thanks Jo.
    Jo is an accomplished artist. She has been coming "home to Magdalena" each year for OldTimers. Jo will be at Peppers Gallery on the weekend after the 4th of July exhibiting her paintings and giving demonstrations.