Friday, August 12, 2011

Mouths Meet & Eat

Magdalena Mouths held their regular 2nd Wednesday in August meet and eat at Danielle's Bear Mountain Coffee House and Gallery.
  The pot-luck theme was any dish or dessert that is a family favorite for Summer get-togethers.
  First timers were Lucia Bisbee and friend Ben, Susan Alexander and Sarita Johnson (of Albany, CA and Magdalena) Georgette Grey of Socorro, and Ian Jenness. Also in attendance were Danielle Fitzpatrick, Teri Winchester, and Carol and Harry Kroyer.

  The group meets monthly at Bear Mountain to enjoy sharing each others' foods and to talk about anything pertaining to food in Magdalena. Among the August discussions was an update on initial planning for the formation of a food purchasing cooperative, a fund raiser to benefit the Samaritan Center  (the local food pantry and thrift shop). and discussion about how the group might assist Villagers who are interested in growing their own produce.
   The group also talked about Anna Lear's recent article in the Mountain Mail about how to deal with our high Ph water by adding a bit of vinegar to it for watering and/or drip irrigating vegetable gardens. As Anna pointed out,  our plants prosper far better just after our infrequent rains and will benefit from a more acidic water.
   The next meeting will be on the 2nd Wednesday in September (9/14/2011). More information a little later, including the food theme for what sort of dishes to bring to share.
   We will try to bring you as many recipes as possible on this Blog.

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